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About the company

Atlant company is a federal company that supplies automotive goods on the entire territory of Russia. Currently the company has two successful business lines: automotive tyres manufactured in China as well as automotive goods manufactured in the USA. We have separate marketing strategy for each business line and circumspect sales scheme. The company continuously broadens assortment with the target categories of goods trying to offer the goods that meet market trends, requirements to quality and price.

Our main warehouse is located in Vladivostok — a port city, which gives the company a decisive advantage in delivering cargo from China. The company has branches located in most logistically advantageous cities: Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Vladivostok. Each branch has an experienced sales team and its own warehouse. Atlant company offers a flexible discount system; our experts will offer you detailed information and answer all your questions.

The company has modern web-sites where you can find detailed information about brands, goods and delivery terms. Any visitor of the web-site can ask our managers a question in interactive mode; this enables to work individually with each customer. Some of the company’s brands are advertised in mass media; we are also running an advertisement campaign in the Internet. Every year company participates in most significant Russian automobile-related expos.

Automobile tyres was the branch that the company started with; currently we are one of the largest distributors of automobile tyres on the territory of Russia. Atlant is an exclusive dealer of truck tyres Roadshine, Transtone, Aoteli, passenger car tyres Fullrun and an official distributor of Triangle, Horizon, Effiplus, Headway, Autogrip, and Sunny. The company offers only best models with wear-resisting properties proven through operation on the Russian roads. The goods can be delivered to any region of Russia; tyres can be delivered directly from the manufacturer under an individual order; avoiding warehouses makes the tyres significantly cheaper.

Automobile goods is a young and actively developing business of the company; we have launched it in 2013. Currently its assortment consists of goods that are manufactured only on the territory of the USA and hold leading positions on its national market. This business line consists of the following groups of goods: automobile chemical products Gumout, automobile care products Black Magiс, glues and sealant compounds Pro Seal and The Original Super Glue, air fresheners Exotica. Atlant-Auto company is an official distributor of the aforementioned brands. This enables our customers to acquire the goods for the favorable price and obtain detailed information directly from manufacturers.


Atlant company is developing dynamically owing to concerted efforts of its team, competent marketing strategy and well structured sales scheme. The company has a stable position on the market and intends to extend distribution to all regions of Russia. The company is open to new cooperation and invites you to become its reliable partner for many years.